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Planned Events

There are lots of awesome events we'd love to do in the coming year. If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you hear about our events, please visit

Activities Midway

This is where we present ourselves to the MIT community each year.


Beltane is held on or near May 1st each year!


Samhain is usually our biggest yearly event, drawing people from all over the Northeast. It is held as close to October 31 as possible each year.

Moon Rituals

We now have a monthly New Moon Ritual. Different groups are invited to come lead a ritual. Don't forget to subscribe to our Mailing List!

Teachings of Gurdjieff

The PSG is regularly hosting events for the philosophical discussion of the Teachings of Gurdjieff. You can Subscribe to our mailing list or contact Jeremy Mason for more information.

Tarot Workshops

We think it would be awesome to do Tarot Reading to help freshmen figure out those critical decisions, like where to live, what major to be, and whether to take 8.01 or 8.012!

Meditation Workshops

We'd like to start having regular meditation workshops. Keep your ears open and Join the Mailing List if you'd like to find out when they're starting!

Paganism 101

The PSG has hosted Paganism 101, a workshop to learn the basics of Paganism over IAP in past years.

Moving Meditation

The PSG has offered Moving Meditation courses in the past, and may offer it again. To make sure you find out when it does start, Subscribe to our mailing list!

Ancient Language Workshops

The PSG has hosted workshops in ancient languages such as Gaelic, Irish, and Greek over past IAP's.

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